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The first birthday is such a special milestone in your Baby's life so it deserves a very special celebration! Whenever clients come into my studio for newborn portraits they often ask 'Is it too soon to book in for their Cake Smash?' The answer is of course - it's never too early - let's start planning! But what is a Cake Smash? If you have stumbled upon pictures of a baby covered in cake and wondered what on earth is going on - I'm here to help...

What is a Cake Smash?

The Cake Smash is a trend that has grown in popularity over the years - to celebrate a 1st birthday we give a Baby their first cake and photograph the ensuing mess and fun! I have made sure to put my own take on it with super stylish sets and matching custom designed cakes.

Where did it originate from?

Lots of people believe that it originates from a Mexican tradition. They celebrate what is called, the Mordida. The Mordida is a tradition when the first birthday boy or girl’s face gets shoved into the cake (usually by the parent) to take their first bite of cake.  Everyone around them sings, Mordida! Mordida! Mordida! It means bite in Spanish.  The American's took this and ran with it - adding decorations and bringing it closer to what we know today as a Cake Smash Photoshoot.

What happens at your Cake Smash Sessions?

All photographers do it slightly differently but in my studio we start the session with 'clean' birthday portraits - reading books, playing piano and playing with the giant 'ONE' letters. It's always adorable to see how much they light up when they realise they are playing the piano all by themselves.

Which theme should I choose?

This is such a fun part of the process for any parent - there are so many stunning themes to choose from and we can even custom design a theme just for you if you want something really special! Past themes have included Peter Rabbit, Moon & Stars, Princess, Dinosaurs, Under The Sea, Pastel Rainbow and English Country Garden. The Cake Smash pictured included Willow's Mum's love for all things Autumnal - while keeping it girly and so stylish!

We are an extremely musical household and I love to bring that into my work. The KORG tinyPIANO is a digital piano made by a musical instrument manufacturer renowned for professional pianos for the children who carry the future.

First impressions stay with us. If it's an instrument, the sound of that instrument continues to reverberate in our hearts and minds even when we become adults.

Just because something is called a toy piano, doesn’t mean it has to sound like a toy. If the instrument has correct pitch and accurate tone, a child who plays with the instrument will look forward to better instruments as they grow older.

Once we are all done playing it's time for cake!! Baby get's changed into a more 'mess ready' outfit and we let them dive right in! For lots of children this is their first taste of cake - an exciting moment to capture!

The stunning custom designed cake is made by Charlene at The Cherry Tree Cakerie - they are almost too beautiful to let them be smashed but the good thing is there is often lots left over for you to take home!

Once we are all done with the cake it's definitely time to clean up! I am very lucky to have the most stunning bath tub in the world - thanks to William Holland Copper Baths.

If you would like to get booked in most parent's book 6-9 month in advance to secure the Birthday weekend!

What to expect:

*Up to 1 hour shooting - we keep things very relaxed and follow baby's lead!

* A custom designed set and matching cake personalised with their name.

*My expertise, guiding and gently posing as we go.

*An Ordering Session - you will be invited back to the studio to view your images and choose your package.

Full price lists can be found here.

A £125 session fee is payable in order to secure your booking. 

I can't wait to start planning with you! Drop me an email at: to get started.

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