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I'm going to be totally honest with you... I was trying to play it cool while I was shooting these but by the last shots I was pretty much jumping up and down - everything just came together to be absolute perfection. The light was beyond magical and Luisa & Stuart were incredible at posing together. You are going to want to scroll all the way to the end because they just keep getting better and better!

When I create Engagement portraits the most important thing to me is trying to capture who you really are as a couple - how you connect, the things that make you both laugh, and what really matters to you. I always gently pose you using prompts by asking you questions, getting you to talk to each other about what you are most looking forward to on your wedding day... and the right answer is not the food! ;)

Coombe Hill is such a magical setting for an engagement session - there are so many beautiful spots and every season they change to create a different vibe. When we start planning your shoot we will discuss any locations that mean a lot to you - we can even shoot at the place where your engagement took place! If you don't have anywhere that you would like to shoot I am always more than happy to suggest a few locations for you to pick from.

Styling your session is one of the most important things to pull the whole look of the shoot together. I always say it's best to dress 'like you on your best day' - don't wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you would never normally wear. Dress to the same level of 'dressiness' as your partner - so not one in a ball gown, one in a Hawaiian shirt... Lot's of Bride-to-be like to wear more Bridal colours and I think that works so well to add a little nod towards the wedding. Footwear is so important to consider - make sure you wear shoes you can move in! You want to be able to dance together and the locations we go to often require a little bit of walking to get to!

If you have seen any of my other work you will always see one thing in common - I absolutely always shoot at sunset. The magical 'golden hour' can not be replaced or replicated and it is the most romantic time of day! (Of course you could always get up for sunrise but no one wants to be doing hair & makeup at 4am!) All the golden light makes for a sun kissed look and definitely adds that extra bit of magic. On your wedding day I always try to 'steal you' for a few extra portraits at sunset too - it's always a nice time of the day to take a break from every thing and just enjoy a quiet moment with your new husband/wife!

I always joke that this is the 'Grandma shot' the one your Granny will absolutely love and want to frame/put on her fridge. I don't often ask you to look at the camera so by the time I do it's normally near the end of the session when you are completely relaxed!

I think it's great to have a healthy mix of everything in your gallery - the most important things is I want it to be natural, romantic and feel like 'you'.

Aren't they just the most beautiful couple? These last images are just out of the this world perfect - I will absolutely be getting them printed for my studio wall!

I can't wait for their wedding in March - it's going to be such a beautiful day all well worth the wait! Notley Abbey is the most beautiful Wedding venue and incredibly close to my studio so has been on my 'must shoot' list for the longest time! I will absolutely make sure to update my blog with all of their gorgeous pictures once we have been able to celebrate their beautiful day together!

If you are looking for your wedding photographer please feel free to drop me an email and I can send you a brochure. I am now booking late 2021 and 2022 so don't leave it too late to get in touch. I only take a maximum of 30 weddings a year so I can give my full focus to all my amazing couples and make sure you feel completely looked after every step of the way.


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