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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

With everything the pandemic has thrown at us some of the hardest hit have been new parents. The uncertainty of possibly having your baby without your partner by your side - or will they only be allowed in for part of the labour - it's really daunting. Then having to wait for your family to meet the newest member of the gang and you can't use the vital support network we all rely on. That's why I knew when I was finally able to get back to work it was my job to create truly magical moments for these families. Newborn photography should always be an absolute joy, capturing a moment in time that is so special and fleeting. Due to Covid restrictions I have offered all families the option to shoot outdoors and maintain a safe social distance - which has worked so well for the toddler siblings who may have been nervous thrown into a studio environment after months at home in lockdown.

This lovely family have been coming to me since their first born was a bump and I have watched their family grow with lots of moments captured - we finally were allowed to get these portraits in the diary and were blessed with absolutely perfect light.

I've decided to continue to offer all spring/summer clients outdoor newborn sessions if they would prefer as it really does bring the whole family into the frame and makes for a beautifully natural set of portraits.

If you are considering having your newborn portraits outside here are a few reasons why it might be a great option for your family:

Perhaps you are feeling nervous about Covid and being inside a studio may make you feel worried. This is absolutely a legitimate concern with news that the infection is spread easier indoors than out. While I am doing absolutely everything I can to make sure my studio is immaculate and all safety measures are taken - shooting outdoors is undoubtably safer. I can keep a complete social distance while shooting and direct you from a far. If you would like slightly more help with posing baby then I can wear mask when coming closer to help you too - but again that is totally optional and personal preference.

Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor
Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor
Aylesbury Newborn Photography Siblings Outdoor

If you have a toddler sibling that may struggle in the studio. The pandemic has been hardest on our little loves and meeting new people may be scary for them right now. If you think they may not participate in the studio or would be scared of me in my mask then it's a great idea to consider an outdoor newborn session. The freedom to play and enjoy being outdoors is always a bonus for toddlers and they always absolutely love playing all the games that I set up for you! Before long they are laughing and having a wonderful time as my newest best friend!

Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor
Aylesbury Family Photography Stylish Outdoor Running Boy
Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor Siblings
Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor

If your baby is older than 3 weeks old. Studio newborn portraits are usually taken within the first 5-14 days to make sure that baby is super sleepy and flexible to get into all those little poses. If your baby is now that bit older it can be a great option to turn the session into an outdoor full family session - baby will still be posed but in a totally natural way and you will be able to get into the frame more too.

Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor
Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor

That magical golden light. If you have been following my work you will know how much I love golden hour - I shoot almost all of my outdoor sessions at this time and it's not hard to see why. I promise keeping your little ones up a bit after bedtime will be worth it with the most magical images. We always turn the session into an adventure and go exploring for fairies, pirates or even dinosaurs!

Aylesbury Newborn Photography Family Outdoor

If you are looking for a Buckinghamshire Newborn Photographer just drop me a message to get booked in. Sessions are normally taken when baby is 5-14 days old and are best booked by your 20 week scan. To secure your place on my calendar the session fee is payable and then we will organise a consultation phone call to discuss how you would like your family to be captured, help with styling and also start planning the beautiful wall art for your home.

Aylesbury Newborn Photography. Aylesbury Newborn Photographer. Stylish Newborn Photography.

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