Our Covid Staycation in Padstow, Cornwall! Family Photography - Poppy Carter Portraits

When the news hit that British 'Staycation's would be allowed from July 4th I knew it would be a mad rush to get something booked so the evening it was announced we got straight onto it and found an amazing Air BnB not far from Padstow - which is one of my favourite places in the world. You are always absolutely spoilt for choice on amazing beaches and brilliant food.

I was nervous about keeping everything Covid-safe so we set off at 3am to beat the traffic and make sure our one stop at a Service station would be a quiet one. Everything was incredibly well organised - with masks and sanitiser a plenty. By the time we left the services there was already a queue out the door so we definitely made the right choice to leave early.

I left my camera at the Air BnB for the first day while we settled in so the second day I was itching to get some gorgeous photos of the girls on the beach! We went away with my lovely friend Amy and her family - Isla and Poppy have been best friends since they were 4 months old and I photograph them together regularly!

As you can see the beaches we chose were pretty empty - we walked a little further from the car park than normal to make sure we wouldn't end up in a crowded spot as more people arrived in the afternoon.

The girls were keen to go 'surfing' but Rock Beach is almost entirely devoid of waves so Barney had to step in and lend a helping hand!

I can't recommend Rock Beach enough - as it is also dog friendly we felt it was a lot quieter than some of the other popular beaches. Our girls all loved dogs so it was no problem at all and most were walking by and not stopping. The tiny bay where we spent the morning had almost a little swimming pool for the girls - it was shallow enough for them to paddle by themselves and we could watch from just a little way back with a completely unobstructed view on the empty beach.

There is a small parade of shops next to the car park - with a lovely (but slightly expensive) cafe - they were following all the Covid guidelines and we felt safe grabbing a takeaway from them to eat on the beach!

I've been wanting to take Sunset beach photos of Isla for years - our last few Cornwall trips that just hasn't been possible - after a long day on the beach the sunset has just been too late for little monkeys to handle. So these were as close as I could get... Maybe an hour out from golden hour and still beautiful light... so i'll take it! ;)

I wanted these images to define childhood - absolute freedom to explore and discover something new every day. The girls dresses were chosen to bring a light, colourful, summer touch - especially with them floating in the wind!

Isla wanted her 'mermaid moment' and I'm always one for saying 'YES' on a photoshoot - when I spend so much time asking them to do things for me... 'Dance holding hands, tickle each other, put your hands down, no not like that... go and kick the water...' It's important to keep a balance and still make sure they are having fun!

Rockpooling is an absolute must for us on a Cornwall holiday - there's nothing more exciting that being allowed to choose your own net and go exploring! Isla is absolutely in her element here - she always has been an water baby and is happiest on the beach!

When the girls weren't looking Dom put a big X marks the spot on the ground... they were hilariously disappointed when there wasn't any real treasure to be found!

We were celebrating Daisy's 2nd birthday the next day so I tried to take as many photos of her as I could to mark the occasion! Cheers!!

We fit so many beaches into our 4 days away and had a brilliant time - we managed to stay completely Covid safe the entire time - especially by booking an Air BnB where we could cook or order takeaway to the house. I definitely didn't miss being abroad this year and loved bringing our family holiday back to what really matters - family time and lots of new adventures!

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