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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

This Newborn Session was incredibly special to me as I was able to meet and photograph my tiny, perfect little God son for the very first time! Meet Miles - the most wonderful rainbow I've ever seen.

I was so glad the lockdown restrictions were lifted and I was allowed to open my studio the week he was born - just in time to capture these portraits! I had been sending detailed instructions for how to safely DIY a newborn photoshoot just in case - but was so so glad when they were able to come into the studio as there really is no replacement for having the photos taken properly. I tried to take my own newborn photos when my daughter was born and it was a disaster - when you are that sleep deprived it's best you hand it over to someone else and sit and relax! Haha!

When you come into my studio you get to take a seat on the sofa, relax and watch your beautiful baby be gently posed into these gorgeous set ups. I provide everything we need, including the stunning hand made outfits and blankets. I have an extensive range of props for you to choose from and always make sure they reflect your families tastes.

I always like to include the whole family in Newborn portraits as it is such a special time for you all - I know you won't be feeling your best but I promise I will do everything I can so that you feel comfortable and absolutely love your portraits for years to come.

Miles is a 'rainbow baby' (if you haven't come across that expression please feel free to look it up) so we wanted to add a subtle nod to that. He certainly is bringing so much joy and light after the storm - perfect in every way!

I couldn't let the gorgeous Chase leave without a few pictures on his own - such a cheeky, sweet boy! I will always try to include siblings as much as I can and have many clever ways to getting young toddlers involved. If it is not possible to safely pose them with Baby then I often photograph the siblings separately and use photoshop to combine the images. Baby's safety is always my number 1 priority and doing this makes things much more relaxed for everyone!

A perfect family portrait - ready for the living room wall - that's for sure! :) As I was shooting this I just knew it would be 'the one' - an absolutely perfect moment captured,

Quite often I get parents that say they don't want to be in any pictures and while I completely understand and respect that - in years to come I know you will be sorry if you miss out. I am always the one hiding behind the camera and am 'missing' from most of my own daughters photos and memories so know exactly how that feels!

On the day I am always aware that you might not want your picture taken or are feeling nervous about it so I make sure it's a wonderful experience for you and keep things incredibly relaxed. It is my job to make you look amazing - and I promise you will!!

After the session I helped El & Paul design this beautiful gallery wall of frames for their living room - it compliments the rest of the art they already have hanging from their wedding and also Chase's Newborn and Cake Smash portraits that I also photographed. Having your photographs taken should always be about getting them up on your walls for you to enjoy every day - nothing makes me more sad than hearing you have left your photos on a USB in a drawer for years and are not enjoying them every day! I have an extensive range of stunning fine art wall art for you to choose from - including frames, acrylics, metal and wooden blocks. It really is the most fun to pick and choose and then when you see them on your walls the feeling is just amazing!

Newborn portraits are usually taken in the first 5-14 days after Baby is born and are best booked by your 20 week scan to ensure your place on my calendar. The session fee is payable in full to secure your booking and you will be invited back after the session to choose your package and design stunning wall art for your home. To book in please email me at:

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