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Perfectly imperfect - just like real life with your little team. I love capturing the in-between moments, the play time, the connections and what really makes your family 'you'. Of course we'll still capture those 'perfect shots' with everyone looking down the lens and smiling but I promise in 10, 20, 30 years time the photographs you will cherish will be the ones that show their personality. The photos that show 'that funny little face he always used to do' and then one day out of no where - he grew out of it without you realising. These are the moments that matter and the moments I promise to help you cherish!

My family portraits sessions are all about having fun and connecting with your family. I will help prompt you and lead the session so you can relax and enjoy time with your children.

If ever a photo sums up life with kids... this is it! Haha! I love these moments - the reality of life as a parent!

Parent's often say they are worried that their children will be 'naughty' or won't join in... This is so rarely the case as there really isn't any 'wrong' way to join in! If they want to run - let's do it! If they want to play a different game - ok great - let's engage them in what they love! I often spend the first part of the session just chatting to your children - about everything and anything from superheroes to random facts about whales and sharks. Once they know I'm here to have fun with them that's when I can get the best out of the session.

The reality of life with a crazy little brother! I love moments like this - and I know they will too when they are older!

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