Brill Windmill Family Photography Aylesbury - Buckinghamshire - Poppy Carter Portraits

Capturing moments like these are why I do my job - authentic, heartfelt and beautiful memories that you will always treasure. It was an absolute pleasure to work with this wonderful family right from the first consultation phone call to plan outfits and talk through all the details to the shoot day that went without a hitch - perfectly behaved children and incredible light. Right through to planning stunning wall art for their home that they will enjoy every day for years to come.

If you are hoping to capture your family memories - just drop me an email - I would love to chat with you and plan something beautiful with you. My studio is based in Buckinghamshire but travel across Berkshire and Oxfordshire too.

I always shoot at golden hour - which is one hour before sunset - during the summer months this can mean keeping the kids up past bedtime. I know often parents worry but I promise - if you prep the kids for this it won't be a problem at all! We are off on an adventure so everything about the session is fun and I promise I will keep them engaged from start to finish. That magical golden light is so perfect and well worth it!

As gorgeous as the light was we struggled with an incredibly windy evening - I posed the family in places where we were sheltered as much as possible and made the most of the 'Beyonce' effect with a built in wind machine which gave some beautifully dramatic moments with hair blowing in the wind!

My sessions are all about connecting with your family and having FUN. I want you to feel relaxed enough to enjoy yourself, play games with your children and let them show their true personalities. The more relaxed you are - the better results we will get from your children. Try to talk about me before the session like you are coming to meet an old friend - tell them how fun it's going to be and you will set us up for a perfect evening!

I always aim to capture the real spirit of a child and let their personality shine. The little things that they do now are always just a phase and as much as you try and think you won't... you forget so many of the cute little things they do as they grow! Capturing these little things that mean the world to you are a huge part of what I do. I know these photographs will only grow in value as time goes on.

Family Portraits don't have to be formal - I like to add a few 'Grandma shots' into the mix - where you are all looking straight down the lens and smiling but mostly I want you to feel connected and relaxed. Your portraits should reflect you as a family and bring you joy for years to come as you look back on that time in your life.

These images were taken at Brill Windmill in Buckinghamshire - I suggested this location as one of a few options and it worked beautifully. The girls thought it was a really fun and exciting place to explore and it made for a perfect backdrop! When you book Family Portraits with me we will schedule in a consultation phone call to discuss all the details. I help with styling, locations and every detail before the day to make sure everything is beautiful.

The girls wanted to bring their bubble wands with them which I loved - I got Mum and Dad to send the bubbles towards the girls to dance in the last glow of the sunset. I just love how beautifully carefree children are at this age and dancing in the sunset is the most fun!

The bubbles in this shot are all real - the girls are holding the bubble wands! As I was editing it I considered removing them because they look almost too perfect but I'm glad I kept them in as the family loved it as much as I did.

The last few kisses and cuddles before we lost the light and the session was wrapped.

If you would like to capture some truly precious family memories please get in touch. I would love to hear all about your family and start planning a session together. I am usually booked up 4-6 months in advance for weekend dates so don't leave it too late.

Full price lists can be found here.

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