A spotlight on: Laura Carroll Makeup Artistry. Buckinghamshire Recommended Wedding Suppliers

Laura is always my go-to recommendation for a Makeup Artist. She is the best at what she does as well as one of the kindest people I know! She is always a calming influence on your wedding morning and has a wonderful ability to listen to exactly what you want and translate that into your dream Bridal makeup look.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Since I can remember I have always been a makeup fanatic. Looking at all the fabulous makeup in the magazines when I was young, wanting to recreate these looks on my friends in my teen years- doing photoshoots with my flip Motorola phone. Makeup has always been fascinating to me, using it to enhance someones features and see their confidence soar. I soon realised makeup is a very powerful tool, not only does it transform someone externally but internally as well. I chose to study makeup at Southampton Solent University, this ranged from special FX, film, beauty to photography makeup. I now work for myself, it took years to figure out the makeup path I would like venture down. Bridal makeup was always the most enjoyable and heart felt makeup job I did, therefor I took extra courses and now promote myself as a bridal makeup artist specialist.

Why do you love working in the wedding industry?

It’s the magic on someones wedding day, the butterflies in your tummy, the excitement and love from everyone filling the air. Who wouldn’t want to work within that incredible atmosphere?! I feel so honoured to be chosen to do the makeup on these lovely brides, they put their trust in me to create a look which is the best version of themselves. I also love the fact that every bride is different, the job is never the same so for me I am always learning.

Why should a couple hire you for their wedding?

I ensure the bride receives the highest quality service, from the moment the bride emails to enquire, to then putting on the final makeup touches. I ensure the whole experience is enjoyable and one to remember on this very special occasion.  My passion motivates me to constantly be updated with new classes to learn more, therefore I am never set in my ways I am always looking to improve and master perfection!  Combining my years of experience with keeping myself up to date with new trends gives me the advantage to create a variety of makeup styles to suit each and every individual. Not only do I love bringing out the brides natural features but also look in to bringing out their personality through the makeup too. I like to think I am a calming influence on the morning, having ladies sit in the makeup chair to relax and enjoy the moment is very important to me. I think its key to keep the bride in a positive/ excited frame of mind - I’m sure the Groom whilst absent will appreciate that his bride to be is being taken care of to the highest standard for their big day.

What are the key things to look for when booking a makeup artist…

When searching for your perfect makeup artist recognise how you feel when you first enter their website. Does it feel professional? Do you feel immediately comfortable? Do the images of the makeup draw you in? Gut feelings play a big part in first impressions, take this into consideration when searching online.  Remember you are paying for your artists vision of makeup, check that the artist has adapted the makeup to each client in their portfolio. Makeup is an art, therefor it is a skill to be able to match the skin tone, know what colours will work and what style of makeup will suit your client.  Another key factor to look into is their experience, where they studied, how long they have been doing bridal makeup, do they have experience with makeup for photography?A look into their background and the glowing testimonials will help you find the perfect MUA.

What are the most popular trends or any trends you predict for your particular service in the wedding industry?

I feel less is becoming very much MORE with makeup. I’m happy to say more and more brides are keen to enhance their natural features with glowing makeup rather than completely transform their face. I feel in 2020 the skin will remain natural and the lips will be doing the talking.. Many brides are more keen to try a vibrant lip, I feel the boundaries for ‘bridal makeup’ will be pushed towards a different direction. We shall see..

What advice would you give couple when planning their wedding?

Give yourself plenty of time for research. Listen to personal recommendations from friends/ family. Always read reviews. Follow your gut feeling.

If you are searching for your perfect Makeup artist - I cannot recommend Laura enough. Head to her website and fill out the contact form. Laura books up to a year in advance of your Wedding date - but make sure you get in there quickly as she is always extremely in demand!

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