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The second supplier in my Spotlight On series is Magician Andrew Kelly... we met at a Wedding last season and to say he made my job easy would be a huge understatement! Every where he went left a trail of amazed and hysterically laughing guests - which for a Wedding Photographer is a dream to capture!

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Hi Poppy, thanks for featuring me! I'm Andrew Kelly, a full-time Professional Magician based in Surrey. I perform primarily at Weddings but also corporate events, birthday celebrations, bar mitzvah's and on cruise ships. I've been into Magic 15 years and it's quite possibly the best job ever.

Why do you love working in the wedding industry?

I love Weddings because of the atmosphere. It's a celebration and so everyone's happy and wanting to let their hair down! But at the same time you often have groups of people that perhaps don't know each other that well. I love bringing people together with Magic by breaking the ice, creating memories and generally enhancing what is already an incredible day.

Why should a bride and groom hire a magician for their wedding?

1) When done right, Magic is an incredible ice Breaker. Although many will have seen Magic on television, it's surprising how many people have never seen Close- Up Magic in "real life" before. It makes people laugh, interact, relax and engage. This is valuable for Weddings where you may have groups of people who don't know each other all that well. Break the ice! 2) You're hiring a form of entertainment that is adaptable to any situation. Magic can be performed while guests are standing in groups, seated at tables or outside in the sunshine. Wedding planning can be stressful, so to keep it simple I always explain that the top times for Magic are as follows: - During the drinks reception/photographs that follow the ceremony - Throughout the Wedding Breakfast - During the Evening Reception 3) It's insanely fun. Everything I perform relies on audience participation. I often borrow items from guests so that they know there's nothing "funny" about them. Rings disappear and are found attached to my keys in my pocket... your signed £10 turns into a £50 right in front of you (you're welcome!)... you think of a celebrity and without asking you to write it down or tell anyone I reveal to the group who you're thinking of. The list goes on but the point is that for me the Magic has to be direct, visual, engaging and appealing to all ages. Your guests will love it and conversations flow like wildfire as a result. 4) Incredible photographs. I'll admit that the reactions are what got me started in Magic in the first place. Everything from jaws dropping to the floor, to wide-eyed smiley faces, to outbursts of laughter to the looks of sheer confusion. These reactions will be captured by your Wedding Photographer and you'll LOVE the photos that are produced as a result. Moments in the day that could typically be considered lulls are replaced with images filled with joy and high spirits all round!

What are the key things to look for when booking a magician?

There's tonnes of Magicians out there, all with varying price ranges and skill levels. I'd suggest booking someone with many performance photographs on their website. This tells you that the Magician is busy and full of the necessary experience required. Do the people in the shots look engaged and mind-blown? Video footage is also important... you can get a real feel for someone's character by watching video footage either on their website or Youtube. Testimonials/Facebook Reviews are highly valuable when considering a Magician. I'm personally very proud of the number of testimonials I've accumulated over the years and have a dedicated page of them on my website. I want future clients to relax knowing not only that the Magic will add value to their day... but also that I arrived early, looked the part, engaged with all guests, had good correspondence etc.

Have you got a favourite story or memory from a particular wedding?

As for memories... there's been so many good ones! I suppose the crème de la crème is a standing ovation. They're always an extraordinary feeling. I've had people cry in shock a number of times which is always cool. I once performed at a Wedding in Spain and on the flight back home I discovered that the couple sitting next to me were returning from Spain because they were checking out Wedding Venues having become recently engaged. I wound up showing them Magic throughout the flight home and they ended up booking me for their Wedding the following year. Possibly the craziest way to have secured a gig ever!

What advice would you give a bride when planning her wedding?

Advice? Absolutely --->

If you are looking to Book a Wedding Magician I highly recommend Andrew Kelly - don't leave it too late to book him for your day!

All images taken by me, Poppy Carter Portraits, from Harriet & Mark's gorgeous home Barn Wedding!

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