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Sharing my favourite suppliers with couples is a lovely part of my job - knowing that you are going to get exceptional service and someone you can trust is extremely important on your Wedding day. Booking your Wedding suppliers can be extremely overwhelming so I like to try and make that a little easier - in this series some of my favourite suppliers will answer questions and help guide you to get the best from your day. First up - is my lovely friend Holly of Hair by Holly!

Buckinghamshire Bridal Hair Up Artist - Bridal Hair - Hair By Holly - Aylesbury - Oxford - Bucks - Poppy Carter Portraits - Wedding Photography

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Hello my name is Holly and I am a Hair Up Artist. I’m 30 years old (pains me to write that!) based in Buckinghamshire and I live in a little cottage with my lovely Husband, baby Boy and lots of animals!

I didn’t have the most conventional journey to becoming Hair Up Artist but I think that’s probably why I love it so much and why is is such a part of me. It came from a place of passion and imagination, dreamt up from a whole combination of all my previous jobs and experiences. From originally training and working as an actress, working in the pub trade, dabbling in selling vintage clothing and photography, all the way through to trying my hand in desk jobs and answering phones. One thing was always clear. I would always notice someone’s hair first and mine was always styled inappropriately for the job I was doing! I once even got asked to take out my ‘space buns’ in a receptionist job as ‘people wouldn’t take me seriously’. I was a creative totally lost in a corporate, boring world of uniforms and ponytails. I didn’t belong.

BUT, outside of work I was enjoying vintage hair styling on myself (a particular fave of mine!) and doing Bridal and Bridesmaids Hair for my friends and family. Completely self taught with boundless enthusiasm, a hunger to learn and an energy to keep experimenting with oodles of imagination. And this is how Hair by Holly came to be. A free add on social media offering Hair Up styles for little or no charge, building my portfolio and before I knew it, work started rolling in. Fast forward 3 years, I now work for myself, doing what I love and able to watch my baby grow up at home. I’m truly grateful for how Hair by Holly changed my life and for all those who have and are still supporting me. I’m a lucky lady and importantly, I finally feel I belong.

Buckinghamshire Bridal Hair Up Artist - Bridal Hair - Hair By Holly - Aylesbury - Oxford - Bucks - Poppy Carter Portraits - Wedding Photography

Why do you love working in the wedding industry?

The wedding industry offers a lot to those working within it. But for me personally, its the relationship I build with my Brides and her family. I love getting to know her and I am an absolute sucker for a love story! I believe in marriage and I am very old fashioned when it comes to matters of the heart. I always feel so lucky to be invited to help prepare a Bride for her special day. Although I am of course making sure her Hair is as perfect as she dreamt, I’m also aware that her wedding morning is an extremely precious moment in her life, so I want to make sure I am quietly helping to create a calm and relaxing place for her to focus and feel special. Being a small part of this time in a Brides life is just a joy for me.

Why should a bride and groom hire your particular service for their wedding?

I love my clients, therefore my service is very personal and individual. I get to know my Brides so well and I therefore what I create is bespoke to them. I listen and understand any concerns or worries my Brides might have and work around what they are needing as well as what they are wanting. I’m imaginative and we have so much fun creating together! It’s a real collaboration and I really believe my service and Hair Up Artistry is like no other.

Buckinghamshire Bridal Hair Up Artist - Bridal Hair - Hair By Holly - Aylesbury - Oxford - Bucks - Poppy Carter Portraits - Wedding Photography

What are the key things to look for when booking a Hair Up Artist?

I would say the key things to look for when booking your Hair Up Artist are firstly their portfolio. Do you like their work and their style? I would then recommend finding out a bit about the person. What are they like and do you click? Do they listen and would you like them being with you on your wedding morning? This is so important. I would also urge Brides to consider cost verses standard of work. With many things, you get what you pay for in life. Hair falling out before you’ve left the church, pins badly placed and hurting your head all day or a style you aren’t happy with, are all things that booking a stylist with a lack of experience, care and professionalism can buy you, even if it did cost you half the price. But my number one would be recommendations! It’s always great to go by other people who have used the service before. What did they think and what was their experience? This can give you a really clear indication of what to expect and who to go for!

Buckinghamshire Bridal Hair Up Artist - Bridal Hair - Hair By Holly - Aylesbury - Oxford - Bucks - Poppy Carter Portraits - Wedding Photography

Have you got a favourite story or memory from a particular wedding?

My memory is a very sad but an important one that I will forever be feel blessed to be a part of. I was asked to be the Hair Up Artist for a young, beautiful Bride who's Hair I had done the previous year as a Bridesmaid. She had since been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She loved how I had done her hair before, and said she wanted me to be the one who got to show off her much loved long auburn hair one last time. I cried when I got the message and I still don’t know how I kept it together on the day, let alone her and her family. The morning of the wedding in many ways felt no different to any other wedding morning I had done many times before. But it was different. The love and support surrounding this young couple was eminence. The love this young couple had for each other was like no other. Their strength, their determination, their fearlessness was something to be admired. She looked perfect.

I received a message of thanks just a week after their wedding where she also told me all her hair had gone. She thanked me for giving it a brilliant send off which I found tragically sad and yet incredibly wonderful. I think about her often. She reminds me how unique marriage is, to love and treasure those around us we hold dear and to live in the moment. There is a power in feeling beautiful on your special day. It really can make you feel ready to step into the future, whatever it has in store for us.

What are the most popular trends or any trends you predict for Bridal Hair?

We have been really enjoying lots of unstructured Hair Up looks for a while now. Lots of braiding, loose curls and tousled ‘undone’ designs. I see a good amount of Vintage inspired looks coming through, but relaxed country weddings are still all the rage! Perhaps more structured, sleeker styles will start to make an appearance in the coming years after Meghan’s Markle’s Bridal look last year?

I’m still working with lots of beautiful veils, flowers and very sparkly hair pieces. Such a hard life!

Buckinghamshire Bridal Hair Up Artist - Bridal Hair - Hair By Holly - Aylesbury - Oxford - Bucks - Poppy Carter Portraits - Wedding Photography

What advice would you give a bride when planning her wedding?

I would always say do what makes you happy! Don’t loose sight of why your doing it and try to involve your partner if you can. Keep everything in context. It’s so hard as you plan all these things separately; the dress, the hair, the makeup etc. So you can loose sight of the overall effect and become obsessed with tiny details. Keep your feet on the ground and remember to enjoy it!

Buckinghamshire Bridal Hair Up Artist - Bridal Hair - Hair By Holly - Aylesbury - Oxford - Bucks - Poppy Carter Portraits - Wedding Photography

Thank you so much to Holly for sharing her wisdom and a little insight into her beautiful work! If you want to book her for your wedding (which I highly recommend!) - just drop her a message and she will work with you to create something truly special!

You can follow Holly on Facebook here, and find her website here!

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