Mummy and Me Mini Sessions - Why you should book a photography session for just you and your baby -

I've lost count of how many times I say 'Do you just want to jump in for one shot?' and I get the same response... 'Oh no... I haven't done my hair... I don't feel great... Maybe next time.' When is next time? When you've lost all the baby weight? When you've had 8 hours sleep? Does that time ever come? And you blink and your children have grown.

Your children will look back at all their pictures and you will be missing. A glaring hole in the childhood they loved so much - the adventures you planned, the crafts you set up and cleared up and cleared up again when you find glitter all over your kitchen for a week! You are behind the iPhone - looking at them with more love than they will ever know. But missing from sight - because you don't look how you think you should to be in a photo.

Step into the frame - the time is now. You are everything they will ever need- the perfect mother to them and that's all that matters. No child looks at their Mum and thinks - I wish she had blow dried her hair - I wish she was wearing designer jeans or trainers to be seen with me at the park. They only see you. Their perfectly imperfect Mummy - who sings all the best songs and knows exactly how to make jam sandwiches just how they like them. You are their world and all they need is you.

Poppy Carter Portraits - Mummy and Me Mini Sessions - Buckinghamshire Family Photography

So get in the picture no matter how you feel about yourself - and know you are doing it for them. They will thank you for it in years to come when they can see themselves snuggling in on your lap, doing eskimo kisses and all the little things that will forever remind them of their mother.

I want you to make a pact with me - to spend 2019 jumping in on every photo you can. Throw your phone at your husband and look back at it with a smile. Don't analyse it - don't judge yourself. Just love that you were there. You are healthy, beautiful, vibrant, mother!! You grew a human and are keeping it alive and happy! That in itself is worth celebrating. This year is going to be all about self love - about lifting up other woman and shouting from the rooftops how awesome we are in every shape and size! And if your husband really isn't the best at snapping those precious moments for you then hand the reins over to me.

Poppy Carter Portraits - Mummy and Me Mini Sessions - Buckinghamshire Family Photography

I would love to capture that bond between you and your little person/people. It is a bond like no other and I want to see what truly makes you connect. Breathe them in, take a moment to really smell the top of their head and hold them tight. Tell me your stories, sing me your songs. Don't worry about the camera for even a moment - just know that you are giving your child the greatest gift of all. Beautiful memories.

They will treasure these photographs when they find them in 20/30/40 years time, in a box in the attic still beautifully preserved as a Fine Art Print and they will look back with the fondest smile. 'Can you believe she dressed me in that?' 'Look at how cute we were!' and above all else they will see just how much you love them. All the detail they may have forgotten will come flooding back - the earrings you always wore and the softness of your arms as you sang them to sleep at night.

Mummy & Me Mini Sessions are here by popular demand - and will be extremely limited availability during February half term only. They are just £45 for 20 minutes and include 1 retouched Digital Image.

Additional Images are available for purchase via an online viewing gallery. Sessions will be taken outdoors or in the studio surrounded by flowers & greenery depending on weather. Both based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. February Half Term - Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of Feb. Book via the link:

Don't forget to send this on to other amazing Mum's that you think would love to capture memories with their tiny humans too! Sharing really is caring when it comes to a small business - I only grow through lovely people like you shouting about how much you love my work. So THANK YOU I can't wait to meet you and hear all the things that make your little ones laugh!

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